How to Have a Shaved Cock


Having a shaved cock is probably one of the sexiest things ever as far as I am concerned. I know some people may not think that having their cock shaved is all that manly but, in my book, it is. Besides, it makes my cock look so much bigger when it’s all nice and smooth around it. I could use some of those pills to make it bigger but I would much rather shave around it instead. That seems to be the easiest way to make your cock look bigger to me. I just have to be extra careful when using the razor.


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I am the type of guy that likes to get it done and over with and, when doing a shaved cock, you have to be careful. You need to take things a bit slower than you would with your face because once you get a nick down there; it’s all over for you. After all, it’s rather difficult to get toilet paper to stick around your cock, and stay there when wearing pants,. I have also learned that putting things like aftershave isn’t such a good idea, either.

A nice mellow lotion such as baby lotion can do wonders for your shaved cock, though. However, I try to stay away from anything that has perfume or harsh chemicals in it as that tends to burn a bit. If you are lucky, you will get used to shaving it and it won’t take you very long to finish once you get started. I am not someone that lucky and end up taking forever in the bathroom to get it all nice and smooth. I think the trickiest part is shaving my balls. That area always gives me so many problems that I almost get frustrated enough to completely give up on shaving them. But the end result is definitely worth the effort.


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The Sexiness of a Shaved Cock

Something that many men discovered a very long time ago is that a shaved cock can be a very sexy one. There are several reasons for this. To begin with, the less hair surrounding your cock, the longer it will appear. Actually, hair hides an inch or two at the base and can make you look as if you’ve got a short cock. For instance, you may have an eight inch cock but two inches of hair at the base of it makes you look like you’ve got six inches. That can be a huge difference when it comes to penis size. Shaving it can definitely bring out the beast in you.

Another reason for having a shaved cock is simply because it makes it look so sexy. A clean shaven penis has a beauty that’s almost hard to describe. The delicious pink color or deep purple always brings a mouthwatering desire to lick it from one end to the other. This is an action that would be greatly inhibited with the excess hair that might be found growing around your cock. Some men even grow hair on their cocks although it’s only a light dusting of hair. Many men understandably fear putting a razor to their cocks but it can be done other ways.

Of course if a man wants a shaved cock, he may also want to shave any hair that might be growing on and around his balls. This will also give a very clean look to his cock and make any partner or potential partner lick their lips in anticipation of getting to take that cock on a test run. These are probably the most important reasons that any man would want to shave his cock. As you go along with the experiment, you will probably find many other reasons to shave your cock.

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The Benefits of a Shaved Cock

The Benefits of a Shaved Cock

Lots of men all over the world have discovered the benefits of a shaved cock. Consider that once unsightly hair has been removed from the base of your cock, it tends to look longer because you have uncovered that extra inch or so and exposed it. So now, you’ve instantly lengthened your   cock without spending a lot of money on some penis enlargement techniques. Instead, you now look impressive just by using something that you already had on hand. You can’t get much thriftier than that.

Something else that happens besides making your cock appear longer and more attractive when you have a shaved cock is the sensitivity seems to be heightened by the lack of the fur covering. Now you can feel everything that was blocked by the hair previously. It may liven up your sex life quite a bit more. Also, it makes it easier for your partner to give you oral sex because there’s no hair to worry about getting caught in the mouth or teeth. While these are certainly very important benefits of shaving your cock you’ll probably find a lot more of them along the way. Stay aware and you’ll see why you should always keep your cock shaved.


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Be Safe When Getting a Shaved Cock

Be Safe When Getting a Shaved Cock

If you are looking to have a shaved cock for the first time, you need to be careful. It may look sexy as hell on all those porn movies you tend to watch, but shaving that part of your body can be dangerous. You should also refrain from using the same razor that you shave your face with. The more you use a razor the duller it tends to get and shaving your cock with a dull razor is an emergency room visit just waiting to happen for you. Make sure you use a brand new sharp razor every time you shave your cock.

Even if you are using a brand new sharp razor on your shaved cock, you still have to watch out for nicks and cuts. You think you look strange walking around with little bits of toilet paper stuck to your chin; just imagine what it would look like if those bits were all over your cock. Then, think of how bad it’s going to feel to put lubrication oil on those cuts when you want to have some fun. A steady hand is needed to ensure that you don’t end up hurting yourself in that manner, so make sure you have the time to spend to do it right.


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