My Shaved Cock Learning Experience


Having a shaved cock is one of the highlights of my life. I always thought that it was a bit odd to shave that particular part of the male body but, once you start doing it, you will find that it’s hard to stop. Not only does it feel good to have your cock shaved, but it makes it look so much bigger that it’s amazing. I have had more compliments on the size of my cock after shaving than I ever did when I let the hair take over and hide it away.

I will say that the first time I went for the shaved cock look wasn’t the easiest thing in the world for me. It’s not like you have someone in there with you showing you how to do it after all. This was something I had to learn on my own and hope that I got it right, which I didn’t. I ended up having things uneven and kept trying to straighten it all out, which only made things worse for me. It took me a couple of times in the bathroom to figure out what I was doing before I was able to show it off to someone else. Seriously, it was like a sitcom in the bathroom that day.

Now my shaved cock is one of the first things that gets noticed as soon as I take my clothes off. I have become quite the professional groomer of pubic hair over the years, too, and that helps my cock look amazing. Take your time when trying something like this out the first time and you will see the difference in a shorter time frame. If you try rushing it like I did at first, you are only going to cause yourself more problems than its actually worth. You might also want to use a brand new razor every time you decide to shave to make things easier on you.


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Being in Fashion with a Shaved Cock


Having a shaved cock isn’t such a new or big idea these days. It seems like everywhere you go there is a guy that has his cock shaved. Some may have it neatly trimmed while others are completely smooth, but just about everyone knows how much better it is. Those guys that are refusing to shave are the ones that are afraid that they will look pathetic once all that bushy hair is removed. I know guys like this and the first thing they say is how manly they look when they don’t shave.

If you think that you lose some amount of manliness because of a shaved cock, then you really shouldn’t bother coming out in public anymore. That is the last thing you need to be worrying about, and most of the wives and girlfriends out there will tell you just how manly their partners are after they have spent timing shaving down there. They might even end up being a bit manlier than a guy that looks like a lumberjack is spending the night in his underwear. I know my partner loves the fact that I shave my cock and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I will suggest any one that is looking for the shaved cock aspect for the first time should probably not rush into it. One wrong move while shaving that particular area and you are going to regret it immediately. However, if you take your time and learn a few techniques beforehand, you shouldn’t be cutting yourself all that much. I will tell you that it is a bit itchy in the beginning so keep that in mind. People will tend to look at you oddly if you are scratching your cock in public all the time because the hair is starting to grow back faster.

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Try a Shaved Cock for that Bigger Look

Try a Shaved Cock for that Bigger Look

One of the things that I noticed about my shaved cock was the fact that it looks a lot bigger than it used to before shaving it. I know that the actual physical size of my cock has not changed and it’s basically an optical illusion, but I still think it’s cool. Even my partner has noticed that it looks bigger and he thought I had been taking pills or something without him knowing about it. I just laughed and said that it was an ancient secret that was passed down for generations within my family.

Of course, he realized it had more to do with my shaved cock and a lot less to do with the whole ancient secret thing, but it was still fun to pretend for a bit. Even he has started shaving more often and it makes his cock look even bigger, although he never really needed much help with that since he was already pretty huge to begin with. Shaving it just made it look like it was going to be too much for me to handle, but I have managed to deal with it quite well regardless of how big it looks.

If you are looking for an easy way to make your cock look bigger, then nothing is going to give you the results like a nice shaved cock will. You should try that first before taking pills or rubbing lotions and oils all over your cock. You might be surprised at how nice a hard smooth cock looks as well, and it will make your partners mouth water just a bit when they get their first look at it. Just be careful with that razor if you have never shaved down there before because you can seriously hurt yourself if you aren’t paying attention. But you will get the hang of it rather quickly after a while so don’t despair.


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Shaved Cock Pride

Shaved Cock Pride

My shaved cock is one of those things that I am extremely proud of and I absolutely love showing off to anyone that is willing to witness the grandeur that it brings. You might think that I am bragging a bit about this, but I strongly feel that my cock looks its best when it is cleanly shaved and looking as good as it normally does. I am extremely proud of my cock and I think if more men out there would be as proud as theirs as I am of mine, then there would be fewer men trying to over compensate for their shortcomings.

Now my shaved cock isn’t a monster or anything like that. I know that I am just about average in size and that there are plenty of men that have much larger cocks than I do. Still, I have no issues with the size of my cock and, when I shave it, there is an illusion of it being bigger than normal. Even if it didn’t give me that illusion, I would still enjoy shaving it simply because I love the look that it has when it’s smooth. I also like the look that I get from the people that I show it to.

Now if you have never seen a shaved cock before, which would be odd because just about every male porn star tends to have one, then you might want to take a look at some online so that you can get a sense of what to expect when you start shaving yours. Keep in mind that the first time is going to be a bit trying for you to say the least. You are going to be worrying about getting razor burn or cutting yourself and no one looks sexy with little wads of toilet paper stuck to their cock. But the more you do it the better you’ll get at shaving it. Soon, it will be second nature to you.


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My First Shaved Cock Experience

Shaved Cock 

My First Shaved Cock Experience

Having a shaved cock is one of those things that you always think you want but never really do anything to achieve. Most of the time, it’s because guys are afraid of cutting themselves by accident, and no man out there wants to cut or nick themselves in the cock area. This fear usually means that a guy would rather sit there and stare at all that hair rather than taking care of it and shaving it all off. You can’t live with a fear like that even if you do end up cutting yourself once in a while. You just have to learn to get through it.

When I first started my shaved cock experience, I was scared of cutting my cock as well. I knew that I had to be extra careful and I could just rush through it like I can with my face. If I started shaving like that, then I probably wouldn’t have much of a cock left after a while. But I started out slowly and stuck with it until I got the hang of it all. Now, I have the smoothest cock I have ever seen and everyone that sees it comments about how much bigger it looks.


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