The Sexiness of a Shaved Cock

Something that many men discovered a very long time ago is that a shaved cock can be a very sexy one. There are several reasons for this. To begin with, the less hair surrounding your cock, the longer it will appear. Actually, hair hides an inch or two at the base and can make you look as if you’ve got a short cock. For instance, you may have an eight inch cock but two inches of hair at the base of it makes you look like you’ve got six inches. That can be a huge difference when it comes to penis size. Shaving it can definitely bring out the beast in you.

Another reason for having a shaved cock is simply because it makes it look so sexy. A clean shaven penis has a beauty that’s almost hard to describe. The delicious pink color or deep purple always brings a mouthwatering desire to lick it from one end to the other. This is an action that would be greatly inhibited with the excess hair that might be found growing around your cock. Some men even grow hair on their cocks although it’s only a light dusting of hair. Many men understandably fear putting a razor to their cocks but it can be done other ways.

Of course if a man wants a shaved cock, he may also want to shave any hair that might be growing on and around his balls. This will also give a very clean look to his cock and make any partner or potential partner lick their lips in anticipation of getting to take that cock on a test run. These are probably the most important reasons that any man would want to shave his cock. As you go along with the experiment, you will probably find many other reasons to shave your cock.

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Benefits of a Shaved Cock

Benefits of a Shaved Cock

One of the biggest things about having a shaved cock that I have noticed is the fact that it actually looks bigger. Now I am not saying that I have a small cock or anything, but when I shave mine, it always looks much bigger than it did before I shaved it. I guess all the hair I have around my cock hides most of it or something. I also enjoy how smooth it is and how easy it is to clean up after a few hours of sexual pleasure. Those things are highly important to me for some reason.

The one thing I don’t particularly enjoy about having a shaved cock is the actual shaving. I don’t know how many times I have nicked my cock while learning the proper way of shaving it when I first started. All I know is that simply putting little bits of toilet paper on it never seemed to work all that well for me. I would try waxing, but I think that would hurt way more than the amount of effort was worth. So I stick to shaving and hope that my hands are steady enough that I don’t end up being half the man I was before starting. Maybe sometime, I can find someone special to shave it for me.


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Loving My Shaved Cock

Shaved Cock

Loving My Shaved Cock

The one thing that I love about my shaved cock, besides the nice smoothness of it, is the fact that shaving makes it look a lot bigger. When I don’t shave and just let the pubic hair grow wild around it, my cock always looks so small tucked away inside that bushy hair. I always want to cover it up and never let anyone see it because I think they are just going to laugh at me. It also tends to get extremely messy after I have had sex, and cleaning all that is such a hassle and waste of time.

On the other hand, with my shaved cock I get the look of having a monster sized cock, making it look like I have actually gained two more inches. When it’s shaved, all I want to do is walk around with it hanging out for the world to see and enjoy. It’s easier to clean up after sex and when I use any kind of lube, it makes things feel so much better. I just wish it was a bit easier to shave that particular area of my body sometimes. But even if it isn’t all that easy, I am still going to be shaving my cock every chance I get.


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Reasons to have a Shaved Cock

Reasons to have a Shaved Cock

My wife has been bugging me about my shaved cock saying that it isn’t very manly if I don’t have any pubic hair. So I decided to prove a point to her and go a couple of weeks without shaving. I told her that she was right and that I would stop shaving my cock just for her. I wanted her to feel like she was with a man no matter what in order to make her feel better. The funny thing is she ended up finding out the real reason that I shave my cock instead of feeling like I was manlier.

My shaved cock is smooth for a very good reason. You see, I am not one of those guys that can grow body hair properly. It doesn’t matter where it is on my body, either. My hair always grows in clumps that makes me look like I have terminal cancer and I’m going through chemotherapy. After about the third week of not shaving anymore, she informed me that I had to do something about my pubic hair. I told her that I had been doing something about it but she didn’t think it was manly of me to do. I am back to shaving my cock now and she is perfectly happy with that decision.


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The Benefits of a Shaved Cock

The Benefits of a Shaved Cock

Lots of men all over the world have discovered the benefits of a shaved cock. Consider that once unsightly hair has been removed from the base of your cock, it tends to look longer because you have uncovered that extra inch or so and exposed it. So now, you’ve instantly lengthened your   cock without spending a lot of money on some penis enlargement techniques. Instead, you now look impressive just by using something that you already had on hand. You can’t get much thriftier than that.

Something else that happens besides making your cock appear longer and more attractive when you have a shaved cock is the sensitivity seems to be heightened by the lack of the fur covering. Now you can feel everything that was blocked by the hair previously. It may liven up your sex life quite a bit more. Also, it makes it easier for your partner to give you oral sex because there’s no hair to worry about getting caught in the mouth or teeth. While these are certainly very important benefits of shaving your cock you’ll probably find a lot more of them along the way. Stay aware and you’ll see why you should always keep your cock shaved.


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The Carefully Shaved Cock

The Carefully Shaved Cock

Having a shaved cock is extremely sexy and quite erotic for the people that would be handling it, but there are some risks involved. The first one, and one that every man dreads, is the aspect of razor burn or nicks. Now, when you are shaving your cock and you start seeing blood running from a small nick, you are going to start to worry. There is nothing worse than having something like that happen to you when you are doing your best to look as sexy as possible for your loved one.

Your shaved cock is not the only thing you have to worry about when you start using a razor down there. You also have that very sensitive sack of skin that holds your family jewels in place, and nicking that with a razor can be just as dangerous. This type of grooming requires a very steady hand and a well-placed mirror in order to make sure that you get all the hair that you need to get. But once you have mastered this little aspect of things, you will know the true feeling of smoothness and so will your partner. Above all else, you are going to highly enjoy the decision you have just made.

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Beautiful Shaved cock in a penis enlargement stretcher by

Shaved cock in a penis enlargement stretcher by

Be Safe When Getting a Shaved Cock

Be Safe When Getting a Shaved Cock

If you are looking to have a shaved cock for the first time, you need to be careful. It may look sexy as hell on all those porn movies you tend to watch, but shaving that part of your body can be dangerous. You should also refrain from using the same razor that you shave your face with. The more you use a razor the duller it tends to get and shaving your cock with a dull razor is an emergency room visit just waiting to happen for you. Make sure you use a brand new sharp razor every time you shave your cock.

Even if you are using a brand new sharp razor on your shaved cock, you still have to watch out for nicks and cuts. You think you look strange walking around with little bits of toilet paper stuck to your chin; just imagine what it would look like if those bits were all over your cock. Then, think of how bad it’s going to feel to put lubrication oil on those cuts when you want to have some fun. A steady hand is needed to ensure that you don’t end up hurting yourself in that manner, so make sure you have the time to spend to do it right.


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Advantages of a Shaved Cock

Advantages of a Shaved Cock

I am one of those guys that just can’t live without a shaved cock in my pants. It may seem a bit strange to some men that I would prefer to have a smooth cock, but it makes things so much easier for me. I used to never shave that area of my body and, after a while, I decided that I needed to try something a bit different in my life. So I went out and found some really sexy underwear in order to boost my self-confidence a bit.

The only problem with that is the fact that the underwear I chose looked a bit funny when I put them on because of the hair that was sticking out. I even tried to impress a date that I had by showing off my new sexy underwear, and that fell apart rather quickly. You would be surprised at how fast a woman will leave your bedroom if you look like Chewbacca walking around in a thong. Needless to say, I realized that I needed to change the way I looked at myself, and shaving seemed like the best way of doing that.

Now, I could have taken the underwear and threw them away, but they were so comfortable that I just couldn’t give them up that easily. I figured I would see what a shaved cock would feel like in them and, if it wasn’t comfortable, I would toss them. The good news is that they ended up being more comfortable than I could ever imagine and shaving my cock would end up becoming a regular aspect in my life. Of course, you have to be very careful when you are shaving an area of your body like that. Getting a razor cut there can be quite serious.

I had to do quite a bit of research online in order to find the perfect way of shaving my cock. If you are thinking about trying something like this for the first time, you should do your own research as well. Not everything out there is going to work for every guy, though. so be prepared to try a few different options before giving up on it altogether. There were numerous times when I figured I would never be able to handle shaving my cock and I wanted to give up, but I stuck with it for the comfort it offered me.

Having a shaved cock will also make it look a lot bigger than it ever did when you had hair there. Even the women think you are pretty massive with your cock shaved and that has given me some really great sexual encounters over the years. If you don’t believe me, then you should try shaving your cock in order to find out for yourself. Firsthand knowledge is always better than believing everything that you are told or that you read online anyway. Just make sure that the razors you use are new and sharp because having a dull razor leaving ingrown hairs on your cock is not something you will ever want to go through. Trust me; I have done my fair share of mistakes while learning how to shave my cock.


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Shaved Cock

There are many women and many men who believe that all cock should be shaved cock. Women have been shaving or waxing their vaginas for years and the prefered look has been completely hairless. Most younger women enjoy the completely hairless look for themselves and on their men. There are many men who want their men to be hairless and feel a shaved cock is a perfect. Sex is that much more fun with a shaved cock. Oral sex feels better and a fact many men are starting to find out is that once you shave your penis it will look anywhere from 3/4″ to over 1″ longer. That was what got me to shave it off a number of years ago and my girlfriend just loved it. I have been with a number of women and they all have been completely turned on by my shaved cock. Some were surprised but they were all aroused by it. Think about it. How much does a shaved pussy turn you on? I even have guys hitting on me in the locker room at my gym offering to suck my cock. I admit that even though I am straight I have taked a few very hot guys up on the offer. A shaved cock is a man magnet too!




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