My First Shaved Cock Experience

Shaved Cock 

My First Shaved Cock Experience

Having a shaved cock is one of those things that you always think you want but never really do anything to achieve. Most of the time, it’s because guys are afraid of cutting themselves by accident, and no man out there wants to cut or nick themselves in the cock area. This fear usually means that a guy would rather sit there and stare at all that hair rather than taking care of it and shaving it all off. You can’t live with a fear like that even if you do end up cutting yourself once in a while. You just have to learn to get through it.

When I first started my shaved cock experience, I was scared of cutting my cock as well. I knew that I had to be extra careful and I could just rush through it like I can with my face. If I started shaving like that, then I probably wouldn’t have much of a cock left after a while. But I started out slowly and stuck with it until I got the hang of it all. Now, I have the smoothest cock I have ever seen and everyone that sees it comments about how much bigger it looks.


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