Getting Started with a Shaved Cock

Getting Started with a Shaved Cock 

When I first thought about having a shaved cock, I wondered just how painful it would end up being. I know that shaving isn’t going to be nearly as painful as waxing or anything like that. On the other hand, I don’t normally have the steadiest of hands when I am shaving my face so I could just imagine what I was going to end up doing to my cock. The funny thing is that I have never shaved down there in the past, not even in the way of keeping things trimmed. That made me start picturing what the razor was going to look like shortly after starting.

I have let my beard grow out a bit and tried to shave it with the razor and knew that my shaved cock experience probably wasn’t going to be much different. It took me over an hour just to get my beard shaved that day, which made me wonder if I was going to be able to handle shaving my cock like that. Then I thought about getting a trimmer and shaving most of it down that way first.  Then I would follow up with the razor to see if I could get it nice and smooth.

The only thing I don’t like about having a shaved cock is trying to shave against the grain in order to make sure it’s as smooth as it needs to be. I tried going with the grain, but it always ended up leaving prickliness behind, which is anything but smooth as far as I am concerned. That is definitely one place you don’t want to have razor burn, either, which is the other thing I don’t really enjoy about shaving down there. But after you get it shaved, if you will keep it shaved, it’s much easier to deal with. I haven’t had any issues after the first couple of times as long as I keep up with the maintenance aspect of it. There’s no more discomfort and I’ve got the smoothest cock around!


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