A Shaved Cock for my Boyfriend

A Shaved Cock for my Boyfriend

Nothing is sexier than a shaved cock. At least that is what my boyfriend has been telling me for the last couple of weeks. He thinks that I should stop trimming all together and go for the shaved look instead. I was never one to shave my cock like that as I always thought that I looked like I hadn’t gone through puberty yet. But he thinks it is the sexiest thing a guy can do and I will admit that it looks rather pleasing to the eye when I see his cock shaved all nice and smooth.

Since I had never had a shaved cock, I wasn’t exactly sure how to make it happen. I always used a hair trimmer to make mine look good and the thought of having a razor near that part of my anatomy seemed like it would be a big mistake. But he talked me into it one night so I figured I would give it a shot and see if I could manage to shave my cock without cutting it into tiny little pieces. Thankfully, he was willing to help me out and gave me some great pointers to make things easier for me.

Now that I have a shaved cock, I have to admit that it doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would. It actually looks a lot bigger than it did when I was simply trimming the hair around it and I love how smooth it feels. My boyfriend loves how smooth it feels as well, which is evident by how often he is holding it in his hands and putting it in his mouth. Of course, I would like to be able to put my clothes on at some point in my life, but for now I am simply going to enjoy the fact that he likes it so much.

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