Shaved Cock Pride

Shaved Cock Pride

My shaved cock is one of those things that I am extremely proud of and I absolutely love showing off to anyone that is willing to witness the grandeur that it brings. You might think that I am bragging a bit about this, but I strongly feel that my cock looks its best when it is cleanly shaved and looking as good as it normally does. I am extremely proud of my cock and I think if more men out there would be as proud as theirs as I am of mine, then there would be fewer men trying to over compensate for their shortcomings.

Now my shaved cock isn’t a monster or anything like that. I know that I am just about average in size and that there are plenty of men that have much larger cocks than I do. Still, I have no issues with the size of my cock and, when I shave it, there is an illusion of it being bigger than normal. Even if it didn’t give me that illusion, I would still enjoy shaving it simply because I love the look that it has when it’s smooth. I also like the look that I get from the people that I show it to.

Now if you have never seen a shaved cock before, which would be odd because just about every male porn star tends to have one, then you might want to take a look at some online so that you can get a sense of what to expect when you start shaving yours. Keep in mind that the first time is going to be a bit trying for you to say the least. You are going to be worrying about getting razor burn or cutting yourself and no one looks sexy with little wads of toilet paper stuck to their cock. But the more you do it the better you’ll get at shaving it. Soon, it will be second nature to you.


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