The Great Things about a Shaved Cock

The Great Things about a Shaved Cock 

Not all men know this, but there are many great things about having a shaved cock. When you know some of these, then you will wonder why you never considered shaving your own cock in the past. The reasons that this is a good thing is a short one, but they are all rather significant and useful. Now, most men tend to cross their legs at the thought of a razor getting close to that special area. However, when it is done carefully and correctly, there is nothing to be nervous about at all.

First of all, a shaved cock can give you that extra size that you may have been looking for through the use of penis pills, creams, lotions, or devices. Instead of spending a lot of money on all of those things, why not simply buy a decent razor? That is a lot cheaper and you will be amazed at the amount of size that you can add to your penis just by shaving off all your pubic hair. You see; that nest of hair surrounding your balls and the base of your penis is actually covering up a significant amount of your cock. By simply removing it, you have a larger cock without having to spend a lot of money to get it.

You may as well face the fact that a shaved cock is certainly a sexier one. Just think of how your partner or potential partner will react when they see your smooth, longer penis for the first time. Don’t be surprised if he or she drops to the floor instantly just to be able to get a taste of it. Nothing will ever make you feel as proud as showing off a beautiful cock that will gain all sorts of attention from the right people, and shaving it just may be all you need to do.


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