Learning to Have a Shaved Cock



I have always wanted a shaved cock but was too afraid to actually do anything to get it. I just knew I was going to end up cutting myself and have to go to the emergency room or something. I would hate to have to explain something like that to a nurse as would any other guy I am sure. But I felt I couldn’t live happily without having that nice smooth looking cock at least once in my lifetime. I just needed to figure out the proper way of shaving that part of my body so I didn’t end up hurting myself.  All models have shaved cocks at www.koalaswim.com

The first thing I did was look online for shaved cock. I realized almost immediately that I should have changed my search words a little bit because all I got were pictures of guys with their cocks shaved. I was appalled to see that many cocks looking back at me and started to change my search terms around when I noticed that there were some really sexy cocks to look at. After spending a couple of hours looking through those pictures, I went back to searching for techniques on how to shave my cock and was pleasantly surprised at what was returned.


I ended up finding numerous sites that showed you everything you needed to know about shaved cocks and how to get them. It was the most amazing couple of hours I have ever spent at the computer. After looking through them all, I was more than confident enough to go into the bathroom and try it myself. Thankfully, I didn’t cut myself or anything and it looked just as sexy and smooth as I thought it would. Now that I know the secrets to getting the perfect shave, I will probably keep it that way until I can no longer hold the razor without my hands shaking.

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