The Benefits of a Shaved Cock

A shaved cock can offer many benefits to a man, which is something that should be taken into consideration when the fear of putting a razor down there over rides the knowledge that you’re starting to look as if you have a small forest surrounding the base of your cock and balls. Some men are so hairy in that particular region of their bodies that their balls are nowhere to be seen. Now, think of how sad that is. Mens’ balls should always be easily seen.


With all of the many different micro swim suit designs for men, there will always be a need for a shaved cock. Once you get into the habit of shaving your cock, you will see just how limited you may have been in the past when choosing your swim suits. If you have had unsightly hair peeking out from the crotch of your swimsuit, chances are that you have been forced to wear more conservative swim suit styles such as boxers or even longer designs.


Another huge benefit of shaving the hair around your cock is that it will suddenly, miraculously look as if it has grown an inch or two. With all of the hoopla surrounding adding size to the penis, a shaved cock has to be the fastest and most inexpensive method of them all. Not only does your cock look larger, but you’ll find that getting blow jobs will be easier. Your partner will no longer have to worry about getting a mouthful of hair or having their teeth flossed each time they go near that area. If you have a hair free cock to offer them, they may want to put their mouth on it much more often.  You would have to agree that receiving more enthusiastic blow jobs is a very nice benefit, indeed.


Give shaving your cock a try and see how many more great things will turn up because of it.

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