A Shaved Cock is a Sexy Cock

A Shaved Cock is a Sexy Cock

Many men prefer to have a shaved cock these days rather than letting their crotch hair become overgrown and beard like. I always thought it might just be too much trouble and effort for me to fool with it but, then, I realized that less hair would leave more of my cock exposed, thus making me look a bit longer. What normal man wouldn’t love to gain a few inches in his cock even if those inches are a more of an illusion than anything else? So I decided to give it a shot.

I stripped down in my bathroom and then got a brand new sharp razor and set the water temperature to warm but not too hot. Then I applied some conditioning shaving cream to the base of my cock. Now I was ready to get a shaved cock. I found that the razor sort of tickled at first; probably because I had never used one in that area. But once I got started in earnest, that tickling sensation went away and I was able to focus more on making sure that I removed all of the offending hair.

It did take quite a while to finish the job but, once I had completed it; I have to say that I was rather impressed with the end result. My cock looked so nice and well-groomed that I almost wanted to be able to fellate it myself. Some men can do that, you know. At any rate, I decided right there and then that I wanted to keep my cock shaved all the time. Actually, once I got it fully shaved that first time; it takes hardly any time at all now. I just make it a part of my showering and face shaving ritual on a daily basis and it’s all done.

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