My First Shaved Cock Experience

My First Shaved Cock Experience

The first time I decided I wanted a shaved cock was when my girlfriend at the time started teasing me about the “hairy nest” that I had at the base of my cock. She made the comment that if she had to shave her pussy and surrounding areas to keep at least a landing strip all nice and neat for me, then I should return the favor. I had to admit that she had a point. So even though I was more than just a little nervous about holding a razor that close to my very special area, I agreed to at least give it a try.

My girlfriend was so thrilled at the news that she offered to help me with the process. Since I knew that she was quite fond of my cock, I trusted her to use the utmost care in shaving it. She even set everything up for my shaved cock experience including some hair conditioner to use as a shaving lubricant. The razor had a safety measure to keep from cutting me and a basin of warm water was nearby to rinse hair out of the razor.

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She laid out a towel for me on the bed and I positioned myself on it so that she could begin shaving me. At first it tickled and I kept giggling until she told me that if I didn’t stop she might accidently nick me.  That thought was enough to sober me up and drive away any thought of tickles or giggles. After that moment, things proceeded along smoothly and, in no time, I was the proud owner of a shaved cock.

The funny thing is that even though that girlfriend and I have long since parted ways, I became rather happy with the way my cock looked once it had been shaved. That’s why, to this day, I have kept up the routine of shaving. It also helps that I started getting a lot of compliments on my cock when it is shaved. I’m not about to give that up.


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Showing off my Shaved Cock

Showing off my Shaved Cock 

My shaved cock and I love to go out in public and have some fun. I think that if you are going to take the time to shave that part of your body nice and smooth, then you should be allowed to show it off to unsuspecting strangers. Women get a bikini wax and show that off to everyone on the beach with their skimpy swimsuits so why can’t I do the exact same thing? It’s only fair that I can wear something skimpy out to the beach to show off how smooth my bikini line is.

Of course there are times when all I want to do is walk around with my shaved cock completely out and waving the world as I walk by. I think they would like the way it looks after I have shaved it, but my partner thinks I am a bit strange. He thinks that I should keep my cock tucked away out of view because he doesn’t want to have to bail me out of jail. I can understand that, but I think if someone doesn’t like the fact that I am walking around naked, then they probably shouldn’t be looking at my cock.

I do tend to walk around the house completely naked so that I can enjoy my shaved cock. I have even been known to answer the door a few times while not wearing anything. The looks I got were quite entertaining although my partner tends to get all embarrassed and start apologizing while trying to shove me out of the door way. I think he needs to spend some time shaving his own cock so that he can walk around the house naked. I bet he would enjoy something like that immensely, and then he might understand where I am coming from.