Showing off my Shaved Cock 

My shaved cock is probably the sexiest thing I have to show off to the world. Granted, I am not walking around with it sticking out of my clothes so everyone can get a good look at it, but I do like to show it to anyone that really wants to see it. I find that showing off my cock is one of those things that really brings me happiness and I will go around asking anyone if they want to see it. The funny thing is that I usually end up showing it off to at least three or four people during the day.

I know that asking people if they want to see my shaved cock can get me into a bit of trouble, which it has in the past, but I have found ways of doing it without people getting upset with me. I don’t use any code words or anything like that; I simply ask them if they want to see the sexiest cock in the world. I do have to be careful of who I ask this question to, but you can usually tell the people that would be willing to see your cock versus the ones that would flip out and try to have you arrested.


I don’t suggest going around showing your shaved cock to just anyone on the street, either. I tend to show mine off in the clubs that I go to on the weekend, although there are a few people at work that I have gotten to look. I make it a little game trying to persuade people to see my cock while not trying to sound like a complete pervert in the process. Oddly, they always seem to enjoy looking at my cock once I have talked them into it and that awkward first glance is over with.


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