How to Have a Shaved Cock


Having a shaved cock is probably one of the sexiest things ever as far as I am concerned. I know some people may not think that having their cock shaved is all that manly but, in my book, it is. Besides, it makes my cock look so much bigger when it’s all nice and smooth around it. I could use some of those pills to make it bigger but I would much rather shave around it instead. That seems to be the easiest way to make your cock look bigger to me. I just have to be extra careful when using the razor.


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I am the type of guy that likes to get it done and over with and, when doing a shaved cock, you have to be careful. You need to take things a bit slower than you would with your face because once you get a nick down there; it’s all over for you. After all, it’s rather difficult to get toilet paper to stick around your cock, and stay there when wearing pants,. I have also learned that putting things like aftershave isn’t such a good idea, either.

A nice mellow lotion such as baby lotion can do wonders for your shaved cock, though. However, I try to stay away from anything that has perfume or harsh chemicals in it as that tends to burn a bit. If you are lucky, you will get used to shaving it and it won’t take you very long to finish once you get started. I am not someone that lucky and end up taking forever in the bathroom to get it all nice and smooth. I think the trickiest part is shaving my balls. That area always gives me so many problems that I almost get frustrated enough to completely give up on shaving them. But the end result is definitely worth the effort.


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The Sexiness of a Shaved Cock

Something that many men discovered a very long time ago is that a shaved cock can be a very sexy one. There are several reasons for this. To begin with, the less hair surrounding your cock, the longer it will appear. Actually, hair hides an inch or two at the base and can make you look as if you’ve got a short cock. For instance, you may have an eight inch cock but two inches of hair at the base of it makes you look like you’ve got six inches. That can be a huge difference when it comes to penis size. Shaving it can definitely bring out the beast in you.

Another reason for having a shaved cock is simply because it makes it look so sexy. A clean shaven penis has a beauty that’s almost hard to describe. The delicious pink color or deep purple always brings a mouthwatering desire to lick it from one end to the other. This is an action that would be greatly inhibited with the excess hair that might be found growing around your cock. Some men even grow hair on their cocks although it’s only a light dusting of hair. Many men understandably fear putting a razor to their cocks but it can be done other ways.

Of course if a man wants a shaved cock, he may also want to shave any hair that might be growing on and around his balls. This will also give a very clean look to his cock and make any partner or potential partner lick their lips in anticipation of getting to take that cock on a test run. These are probably the most important reasons that any man would want to shave his cock. As you go along with the experiment, you will probably find many other reasons to shave your cock.

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A Shaved Cock is a Sexy Cock

A Shaved Cock is a Sexy Cock

Many men prefer to have a shaved cock these days rather than letting their crotch hair become overgrown and beard like. I always thought it might just be too much trouble and effort for me to fool with it but, then, I realized that less hair would leave more of my cock exposed, thus making me look a bit longer. What normal man wouldn’t love to gain a few inches in his cock even if those inches are a more of an illusion than anything else? So I decided to give it a shot.

I stripped down in my bathroom and then got a brand new sharp razor and set the water temperature to warm but not too hot. Then I applied some conditioning shaving cream to the base of my cock. Now I was ready to get a shaved cock. I found that the razor sort of tickled at first; probably because I had never used one in that area. But once I got started in earnest, that tickling sensation went away and I was able to focus more on making sure that I removed all of the offending hair.

It did take quite a while to finish the job but, once I had completed it; I have to say that I was rather impressed with the end result. My cock looked so nice and well-groomed that I almost wanted to be able to fellate it myself. Some men can do that, you know. At any rate, I decided right there and then that I wanted to keep my cock shaved all the time. Actually, once I got it fully shaved that first time; it takes hardly any time at all now. I just make it a part of my showering and face shaving ritual on a daily basis and it’s all done.

My First Shaved Cock Experience

My First Shaved Cock Experience

The first time I decided I wanted a shaved cock was when my girlfriend at the time started teasing me about the “hairy nest” that I had at the base of my cock. She made the comment that if she had to shave her pussy and surrounding areas to keep at least a landing strip all nice and neat for me, then I should return the favor. I had to admit that she had a point. So even though I was more than just a little nervous about holding a razor that close to my very special area, I agreed to at least give it a try.

My girlfriend was so thrilled at the news that she offered to help me with the process. Since I knew that she was quite fond of my cock, I trusted her to use the utmost care in shaving it. She even set everything up for my shaved cock experience including some hair conditioner to use as a shaving lubricant. The razor had a safety measure to keep from cutting me and a basin of warm water was nearby to rinse hair out of the razor.

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She laid out a towel for me on the bed and I positioned myself on it so that she could begin shaving me. At first it tickled and I kept giggling until she told me that if I didn’t stop she might accidently nick me.  That thought was enough to sober me up and drive away any thought of tickles or giggles. After that moment, things proceeded along smoothly and, in no time, I was the proud owner of a shaved cock.

The funny thing is that even though that girlfriend and I have long since parted ways, I became rather happy with the way my cock looked once it had been shaved. That’s why, to this day, I have kept up the routine of shaving. It also helps that I started getting a lot of compliments on my cock when it is shaved. I’m not about to give that up.


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Showing off my Shaved Cock

Showing off my Shaved Cock 

My shaved cock and I love to go out in public and have some fun. I think that if you are going to take the time to shave that part of your body nice and smooth, then you should be allowed to show it off to unsuspecting strangers. Women get a bikini wax and show that off to everyone on the beach with their skimpy swimsuits so why can’t I do the exact same thing? It’s only fair that I can wear something skimpy out to the beach to show off how smooth my bikini line is.

Of course there are times when all I want to do is walk around with my shaved cock completely out and waving the world as I walk by. I think they would like the way it looks after I have shaved it, but my partner thinks I am a bit strange. He thinks that I should keep my cock tucked away out of view because he doesn’t want to have to bail me out of jail. I can understand that, but I think if someone doesn’t like the fact that I am walking around naked, then they probably shouldn’t be looking at my cock.

I do tend to walk around the house completely naked so that I can enjoy my shaved cock. I have even been known to answer the door a few times while not wearing anything. The looks I got were quite entertaining although my partner tends to get all embarrassed and start apologizing while trying to shove me out of the door way. I think he needs to spend some time shaving his own cock so that he can walk around the house naked. I bet he would enjoy something like that immensely, and then he might understand where I am coming from.

Showing off my Shaved Cock 

My shaved cock is probably the sexiest thing I have to show off to the world. Granted, I am not walking around with it sticking out of my clothes so everyone can get a good look at it, but I do like to show it to anyone that really wants to see it. I find that showing off my cock is one of those things that really brings me happiness and I will go around asking anyone if they want to see it. The funny thing is that I usually end up showing it off to at least three or four people during the day.

I know that asking people if they want to see my shaved cock can get me into a bit of trouble, which it has in the past, but I have found ways of doing it without people getting upset with me. I don’t use any code words or anything like that; I simply ask them if they want to see the sexiest cock in the world. I do have to be careful of who I ask this question to, but you can usually tell the people that would be willing to see your cock versus the ones that would flip out and try to have you arrested.


I don’t suggest going around showing your shaved cock to just anyone on the street, either. I tend to show mine off in the clubs that I go to on the weekend, although there are a few people at work that I have gotten to look. I make it a little game trying to persuade people to see my cock while not trying to sound like a complete pervert in the process. Oddly, they always seem to enjoy looking at my cock once I have talked them into it and that awkward first glance is over with.


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Getting that Shaved Cock Look

Getting that Shaved Cock Look

I have always loved the look of a sexy shaved cock, but never had the guts to do it myself. I had a cousin that tried to shave his cock one day, and he ended up having to go to the emergency room because he cut himself really bad. Ever since then, I have been terrified of doing the same thing so I don’t even keep a razor in the shower if I can help it. Just the thought of shaving my cock makes me cringe a bit as I remember the look on my cousin’s face when he ran out of the bathroom holding a towel over his cock.

I briefly thought about using wax to get that shaved cock look, but I am pretty sure that I wouldn’t be man enough to handle that kind of pain. I have heard the horror stories of when women get a bikini wax and I know that I wouldn’t be able to go through something like that. I really want that nice smooth look and sensation down there, but I don’t really have any options to make it a reality that I can live with. I even thought about electrolysis to remove the hair, but I don’t have that kind of money.

I finally decided to break down and use a razor for the shaved cock look I wanted. It took me almost an hour to get it done, but I didn’t cut myself in any way, which I was extremely proud of. Now, I have that nice smooth look to my cock and I am very pleased with it. I know that I will have to continue to shave it every couple of days to keep that look, but I am pretty sure that, with practice, I won’t have to worry about cutting myself anymore and I will get faster at it. I guess practice does make perfect.


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Why Guys Love a Shaved Cock

Why Guys Love a Shaved Cock 

I chose to have a shaved cock simply because it seemed like something that I was going to enjoy playing around with. I love how nice and smooth it is and how slippery it can get when I use lube on it. I would think that might be the main reason any other guy would want to shave his cock as well. Of course, I know that there are some guys that are shaving themselves because they wear skimpy swimsuits out in public and it doesn’t look that good to have a bunch of hair sticking out of your swimwear while you are out on the beach.



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It was a bit scary to have a shaved cock at first. I figured people would think I was strange for wanting to shave that part of my body. Instead, I found out that more guys are shaving their cocks than I ever knew. I even found an entire website dedicated to the fetish of shaving, which was really interesting to peruse. The Internet is full of things that can entertain you for a while if you are bored, and sites that are all about shaving male genitalia are more interesting to browse through than you might think.

More than likely, you have a shaved cock already and you know what it’s all about. You understand how it makes you feel when you look down and your cock looks bigger than it does with all that hair around it. You also know that your partner loves it when they aren’t getting stray hairs in their teeth while they are going down on you. There are a lot of benefits to shaving your cock but, as long as you enjoy it, there is no reason to let all that hair grow back again. I say keep it shaved and enjoy that part of your life on your own terms.

Getting Started with a Shaved Cock

Getting Started with a Shaved Cock 

When I first thought about having a shaved cock, I wondered just how painful it would end up being. I know that shaving isn’t going to be nearly as painful as waxing or anything like that. On the other hand, I don’t normally have the steadiest of hands when I am shaving my face so I could just imagine what I was going to end up doing to my cock. The funny thing is that I have never shaved down there in the past, not even in the way of keeping things trimmed. That made me start picturing what the razor was going to look like shortly after starting.

I have let my beard grow out a bit and tried to shave it with the razor and knew that my shaved cock experience probably wasn’t going to be much different. It took me over an hour just to get my beard shaved that day, which made me wonder if I was going to be able to handle shaving my cock like that. Then I thought about getting a trimmer and shaving most of it down that way first.  Then I would follow up with the razor to see if I could get it nice and smooth.

The only thing I don’t like about having a shaved cock is trying to shave against the grain in order to make sure it’s as smooth as it needs to be. I tried going with the grain, but it always ended up leaving prickliness behind, which is anything but smooth as far as I am concerned. That is definitely one place you don’t want to have razor burn, either, which is the other thing I don’t really enjoy about shaving down there. But after you get it shaved, if you will keep it shaved, it’s much easier to deal with. I haven’t had any issues after the first couple of times as long as I keep up with the maintenance aspect of it. There’s no more discomfort and I’ve got the smoothest cock around!


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My Shaved Cock Just for Me

My Shaved Cock Just for Me

The first time I showed my shaved cock off to someone they thought there was something wrong with me. Now this was a long time ago when most guys weren’t shaving in that particular area, so I could understand how someone might think it was a bit odd. But these days, there are a lot more guys that are looking for that long smooth look and shaving has become quite popular. When I show it off now, they look at it and smile making all kinds of interesting comments about how great it looks and how big it is.

I never actually had a shaved cock simply because I wanted it to look bigger, though. I know there are a lot of guys in the world that are shaving their hair off because it makes their cock look a bit bigger, but my cock is already pretty big to begin with. I shave because I like the smooth feeling and it’s not as messy to clean up after having sex. Every guy knows what it’s like to try to get bodily fluids out of your pubic hair but, if you don’t have any hair, then it’s not that difficult.

My shaved cock is mainly for me rather than to impress anyone else, although that does seem to   happen quite frequently. I simply enjoy having a nice smooth cock and, if the person I am with enjoys it as well, then it’s a bonus as far as I am concerned. Of course I have yet to meet anyone that didn’t think a nice smooth cock didn’t look good besides that very first person all those years ago. I guess times have changed pretty drastically over the years and I feel they have changed for the better, especially when it comes to my cock being shaved nice and smooth.


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