The Great Things about a Shaved Cock

The Great Things about a Shaved Cock 

Not all men know this, but there are many great things about having a shaved cock. When you know some of these, then you will wonder why you never considered shaving your own cock in the past. The reasons that this is a good thing is a short one, but they are all rather significant and useful. Now, most men tend to cross their legs at the thought of a razor getting close to that special area. However, when it is done carefully and correctly, there is nothing to be nervous about at all.

First of all, a shaved cock can give you that extra size that you may have been looking for through the use of penis pills, creams, lotions, or devices. Instead of spending a lot of money on all of those things, why not simply buy a decent razor? That is a lot cheaper and you will be amazed at the amount of size that you can add to your penis just by shaving off all your pubic hair. You see; that nest of hair surrounding your balls and the base of your penis is actually covering up a significant amount of your cock. By simply removing it, you have a larger cock without having to spend a lot of money to get it.

You may as well face the fact that a shaved cock is certainly a sexier one. Just think of how your partner or potential partner will react when they see your smooth, longer penis for the first time. Don’t be surprised if he or she drops to the floor instantly just to be able to get a taste of it. Nothing will ever make you feel as proud as showing off a beautiful cock that will gain all sorts of attention from the right people, and shaving it just may be all you need to do.


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Learning to Have a Shaved Cock



I have always wanted a shaved cock but was too afraid to actually do anything to get it. I just knew I was going to end up cutting myself and have to go to the emergency room or something. I would hate to have to explain something like that to a nurse as would any other guy I am sure. But I felt I couldn’t live happily without having that nice smooth looking cock at least once in my lifetime. I just needed to figure out the proper way of shaving that part of my body so I didn’t end up hurting myself.  All models have shaved cocks at

The first thing I did was look online for shaved cock. I realized almost immediately that I should have changed my search words a little bit because all I got were pictures of guys with their cocks shaved. I was appalled to see that many cocks looking back at me and started to change my search terms around when I noticed that there were some really sexy cocks to look at. After spending a couple of hours looking through those pictures, I went back to searching for techniques on how to shave my cock and was pleasantly surprised at what was returned.


I ended up finding numerous sites that showed you everything you needed to know about shaved cocks and how to get them. It was the most amazing couple of hours I have ever spent at the computer. After looking through them all, I was more than confident enough to go into the bathroom and try it myself. Thankfully, I didn’t cut myself or anything and it looked just as sexy and smooth as I thought it would. Now that I know the secrets to getting the perfect shave, I will probably keep it that way until I can no longer hold the razor without my hands shaking.

The Benefits of a Shaved Cock

A shaved cock can offer many benefits to a man, which is something that should be taken into consideration when the fear of putting a razor down there over rides the knowledge that you’re starting to look as if you have a small forest surrounding the base of your cock and balls. Some men are so hairy in that particular region of their bodies that their balls are nowhere to be seen. Now, think of how sad that is. Mens’ balls should always be easily seen.


With all of the many different micro swim suit designs for men, there will always be a need for a shaved cock. Once you get into the habit of shaving your cock, you will see just how limited you may have been in the past when choosing your swim suits. If you have had unsightly hair peeking out from the crotch of your swimsuit, chances are that you have been forced to wear more conservative swim suit styles such as boxers or even longer designs.


Another huge benefit of shaving the hair around your cock is that it will suddenly, miraculously look as if it has grown an inch or two. With all of the hoopla surrounding adding size to the penis, a shaved cock has to be the fastest and most inexpensive method of them all. Not only does your cock look larger, but you’ll find that getting blow jobs will be easier. Your partner will no longer have to worry about getting a mouthful of hair or having their teeth flossed each time they go near that area. If you have a hair free cock to offer them, they may want to put their mouth on it much more often.  You would have to agree that receiving more enthusiastic blow jobs is a very nice benefit, indeed.


Give shaving your cock a try and see how many more great things will turn up because of it.

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Shaved Cock for that Smooth Feeling


My shaved cock is one of my proudest possessions, after I figured out how to shave it without cutting myself. I kept seeing these porn star guys with nice smooth cocks and I knew that it was something I wanted to try for myself. But learning how to shave your cock isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. There aren’t all that many help videos online that will give you step by step instructions on shaving that particular part of your body. So it is something that I had to learn as I shaved myself and that can cause some issues.

One thing I don’t like about my shaved cock is when the hair starts coming back in and it starts to itch a lot. I thought about waxing to see if it would take longer for the hair to come back in, but I don’t think I could handle that kind of pain. I tried waxing my legs once and it felt like the skin was being ripped from my body. If I couldn’t go through with it on my legs, then I was pretty sure that waxing my cock wasn’t going to be any better. Actually, I’m not totally sure that a product is even in existence for waxing that part of a man’s body.

Once you get used to the shaved cock issues that every guy will go through, you will enjoy it. There is no other way of looking at it. Having a smooth cock without any hair is a major improvement in just about every aspect of your life. It might seem a little odd at first, but it is something that you are going to enjoy regardless and something I would highly recommend trying out sooner rather than later. Just make sure you are ready to see your cock as big as it is going to appear once you shave all that hair back off of it. That’s another true advantage of shaving. It takes away all of that hair was camouflaging part of your cock. Now, you can see the true size of it and you’ll probably be shocked.


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My Shaved Cock Learning Experience


Having a shaved cock is one of the highlights of my life. I always thought that it was a bit odd to shave that particular part of the male body but, once you start doing it, you will find that it’s hard to stop. Not only does it feel good to have your cock shaved, but it makes it look so much bigger that it’s amazing. I have had more compliments on the size of my cock after shaving than I ever did when I let the hair take over and hide it away.

I will say that the first time I went for the shaved cock look wasn’t the easiest thing in the world for me. It’s not like you have someone in there with you showing you how to do it after all. This was something I had to learn on my own and hope that I got it right, which I didn’t. I ended up having things uneven and kept trying to straighten it all out, which only made things worse for me. It took me a couple of times in the bathroom to figure out what I was doing before I was able to show it off to someone else. Seriously, it was like a sitcom in the bathroom that day.

Now my shaved cock is one of the first things that gets noticed as soon as I take my clothes off. I have become quite the professional groomer of pubic hair over the years, too, and that helps my cock look amazing. Take your time when trying something like this out the first time and you will see the difference in a shorter time frame. If you try rushing it like I did at first, you are only going to cause yourself more problems than its actually worth. You might also want to use a brand new razor every time you decide to shave to make things easier on you.


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Being in Fashion with a Shaved Cock


Having a shaved cock isn’t such a new or big idea these days. It seems like everywhere you go there is a guy that has his cock shaved. Some may have it neatly trimmed while others are completely smooth, but just about everyone knows how much better it is. Those guys that are refusing to shave are the ones that are afraid that they will look pathetic once all that bushy hair is removed. I know guys like this and the first thing they say is how manly they look when they don’t shave.

If you think that you lose some amount of manliness because of a shaved cock, then you really shouldn’t bother coming out in public anymore. That is the last thing you need to be worrying about, and most of the wives and girlfriends out there will tell you just how manly their partners are after they have spent timing shaving down there. They might even end up being a bit manlier than a guy that looks like a lumberjack is spending the night in his underwear. I know my partner loves the fact that I shave my cock and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I will suggest any one that is looking for the shaved cock aspect for the first time should probably not rush into it. One wrong move while shaving that particular area and you are going to regret it immediately. However, if you take your time and learn a few techniques beforehand, you shouldn’t be cutting yourself all that much. I will tell you that it is a bit itchy in the beginning so keep that in mind. People will tend to look at you oddly if you are scratching your cock in public all the time because the hair is starting to grow back faster.

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Starting a Shaved Cock Fad


Having a shaved cock is one of the most common things these days. In fact, almost every guy I talk to seems to have one these days. Back when I first started shaving, it was a very uncommon aspect to be completely smooth in that area but it was something that I felt was a lot more comfortable for me. All of my friends thought I was completely crazy for doing something like this, and a few of them thought that I had crabs or something and that I shaved in order to get rid of them.

Now all of my friends have a shaved cock and they are always telling me that they got the idea to do it from me. Most guys would probably be excited to know that they started a fad for their friends, but it just makes me feel a bit uneasy. I usually try my best to change the subject because I really don’t want to hear the details about how they shaved their cock just because I was shaving mine for years before them. I guess it is a nice sentiment and all, but not something I want to discus with them.

If you are looking to have a shaved cock for the first time, which would be odd since every guy on the planet is doing it now; you should take your time and do it right. The first time I shaved I was in a hurry and ended up nicking myself just a bit. Trust me; that is not a place that you want to do that if you can help it. Which you can help it by taking it slow and easy and not being in a rush. Once you get used to it, though, it becomes much easier for you to get the job done.


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Dealing with a Shaved Cock


I have only had problems with my shaved cock once and that was the first time I decided to shave it. I don’t really know anyone in my life that has ever done anything like that and you don’t just go around asking all your friends for advice on something like this. So I didn’t have anyone telling me about the proper way of getting the job done, or the after math that happens a few days later. It was definitely a learning experience that I had to overcome in order to enjoy this process for the future.

The first issue I had with my shaved cock was the fact that I was using the razor the wrong way. Once you get a razor knick in that particular place you will never forget it. This was one of the worst things I could have ever thought of having happen to me at that point in my life. When you see blood coming off your cock; it is never a good thing and I honestly thought I was going to bleed to death or something. I was completely freaked out and didn’t know what to do to stop it, or if I should finish the job.

Eventually, I learned the proper way to do things but the aftermath of having a shaved cock is still a bit awkward for me. I don’t know if any other guys out there have to go through something like this, but when the hair starts coming back in; it is the itchiest thing in the world. You want to scratch it so badly but you know you can’t go around doing that out in public. People might think there is something truly wrong with you then. But I do enjoy the smoothness it offers me so I keep going through with it so I’ve experimented with a few remedies. So far, I’ve found that baby corn starch works best.


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The Benefits of a Shaved Cock


My shaved cock is one of the best qualities I have. At least that is what I think. Most of my friends will tell me that it’s my personality they like but I haven’t gone around showing them my cock, either. I’m sure if they had the opportunity to see how sexy my cock looks when I shave it, then they would all agree that it is much better than my personality. Of course they would probably think I was insane for ripping my pants off in front of them and shouting for them to look at how smooth my cock looks.

Some guys just don’t understand how great it is to have a shaved cock. I know it is usually frowned upon and most of the mainstream sheep in the world try to make it seem like you are a sexual pervert because you are shaving that area, but they are all wrong. They don’t understand that grooming that part of your body will actually make you feel better about yourself. After all, it does make your cock look a lot bigger and that is something every guy wants to see. Think of all the money you can save by not spending them on enlargement products.

I choose to have a shaved cock because it makes cleanup after sex much easier for me. You never really get the chance to appreciate how something like this can be beneficial to you until you are trying to clean yourself up after getting busy in the back of a car with someone and you don’t have a bathroom nearby to use. On the other hand, if your cock is shaved, all you need are a couple of handy wipes and you are good to go. So you get a bigger cock and an easy clean up when you shave down there. That is all I had to hear when I decided to first shave my cock and I’ve been happy with my decision ever since.


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Have a Cautiously Shaved Cock


Having a shaved cock doesn’t make me any more of a man, but it sure does make me look like a bigger man. Sometimes you have to do what you need to do to make your cock look as massive as possible. Shaving all that unruly hair from around it can definitely make it look a lot bigger. You just have to be careful in how you go about shaving your cock so that you don’t end up hurting yourself in some way. I have done it the wrong way and I know what it’s like to have shaky hands while shaving.

Most guys know how to shave but, when it comes to a shaved cock, they are completely out of their element. They know that they want a nice smooth cock but shaving in that particular area just isn’t something they are comfortable doing. Now there are other ways of taking care of it if you are willing to go through that kind of pain. Think about how waxing would feel in that area and you can imagine just how painful it could be for you. I don’t think I could ever get on board with the waxing aspect to have a smooth cock.

Having a shaved cock will make you feel and look a lot sexier to your partner. It is a proven fact that you will enjoy your sexual activities a bit more with your cock shaved as well. If you haven’t had a chance to try something like this, then you should definitely look into it. You will be surprised at all the fun you could end up having if you are simply willing to go the extra mile. Just make sure you take your time instead of rushing through it like you do when you are late for work on Monday mornings. That can be very important.


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